Zafer Development Agency is a Regional Development Agency operating in Region TR33 consisting of Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Manisa and Uşak provinces in Northern Aegean part of Turkey.

The Agency is to deliver following functions in the Region:


Zafer Development Agency promotes cooperation and communication among local actors including members of local government, private sector, universities, NGOs, local media and the public. We try to create and promote strategic partnerships among these actors in a way to strengthen regional socio-economical growth and development.


The Agency provides financial and technical support to the projects developed by local actors through support programs with funds transferred to the Agency from the central budget.


One-stop Investment Support and Promotion Offices in our four provinces provide valuable information and guidance to potential foreign and domestic investors, regarding investment processes and business opportunities.  These offices actively help investors in the process of attaining necessary investment permits and licenses and in benefiting from government incentives.


Zafer Development Agency creates Regional Development Plans which outline development priorities for the Region. The Agency also supports planning efforts and capabilities of local -institutions.  Zafer Development Agency continually surveys the Region; its economy, sectors, trends, dynamics, social issues in order to identify strengths, potentials as well as threats and shortfalls. This way the Agency tries to increase local awareness and guide policy makers for achieving a healthier development perspective with its social and economic aspects.